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+8801902885533  info@arcid.com.bd 10 a.m ~10 p.m


Our Architectural Services

We Offer Professional Architecture Solutions

Archid Interior & Consultants capabilities to provide all of these integrated services under one roof enable our team to achieve optimum results towards signature architectural projects for our clients and end-users all while making meaningful and sustainable contributions to our communities.

Cutting-edge architectural projects in our portfolio cover the full spectrum of building types including residential, commercial, retail, healthcare, hospitality, leisure and entertainment, educational, and industrial projects.

  • Conceptual Design
  • Design & Development
  • Animation
  • Visualizations
  • BIM Solutions
  • Execution Design

Our Working Process

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3D design

All aspects of architectural design – planning, lighting schemes, colour scheme, soft furnishing, finishes – can be better planned via 3D Design

Design Consultation

We offer consultation services too. So, even if you are somewhere where we are not located or if you just want to do the design yourself, doesn’t matter!

Turnkey Solutions

Recent years have seen massive demand for turnkey architecture solutions. Tilottoma is glad to offer such solutions and will consult extensively with you and work on them

Why Choose Archid

Archid’s team of experienced designers, architects and consultants are sure to make your architecture project a big success. Our team has the complete skill set needed to finish any project.

Highest Standard

We have a lot of experience handling orders from both local companies here in Bangladesh and also from multinational companies. So our work always maintains the highest standards.

Quality Design

Environmental factors and durability are key quality factors in a commercial interior design project. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in both areas.

Full Transparency

Costs and deadlines are always a source of worry in any commercial project.We will always make sure that the project proceeds within budget and also that we are able to handover on time.

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