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+8801902885533  info@arcid.com.bd 10 a.m ~10 p.m


Furniture Design

Perfect Place For Your Home Furniture in Bangladesh

Whatever your furniture requirement, Archid will get it done. We will work with the best of materials and advanced technology to ensure quality. And our design team will make sure that the final product is exactly what you wanted.

Some people have furniture that has a lot of straight lines and edges. Others have furniture that has more curves. Furniture is said to represent the user’s personality. Furniture must also be both functional and fashionable.Here at Archid Interior we follow these principles. Our furniture design makes sure that your furniture is not only pretty but also fits into your life.

  • Custom Sofa
  • Custom table
  • Custom Kitchen
  • Workstation
  • Reception
  • Custom cabinet
  • Custom Bed
  • Group Chair
  • Custom Door
  • Custom Library
  • Custom Dressing Table
  • Conference Table

Why Choose Archid

Highest Standard

We have a lot of experience handling orders from both local companies here in Bangladesh and also from multinational companies. So our work always maintains the highest standards.

Quality Design

Environmental factors and durability are key quality factors in a commercial interior design project. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in both areas.

Full Transparency

Costs and deadlines are always a source of worry in any commercial project.We will always make sure that the project proceeds within budget and also that we are able to handover on time.

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