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Series Chair AR-106 HPR

  • Model NO:AR-106 HPR
  • Brand Name: Archid Furniture
  • Materials: Plastic, Cogent Connect Fabric, Mesh
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Full recline with weight-activated tension and boost
  • Full recline with weight-activated tension
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  • 4D Adjustable Arms – Move in height, width and depth, and pivot to better support the user’s neck and shoulders. The cantilevered arm design encourages postural change.
  • Adaptive Bolstering – Adaptive bolstering in the seat cushion creates a custom comfort pocket. The seat foam is cored (small cylinders are cut out of it) to allow for more compression in some areas of the seat than others. This allows the Series 1 Chair’s foam seat to adapt to your unique size and shape.
  • Weight Activated Mechanism – Allows for quick, intuitive seat adjustments.
  • Allows the seat to be positioned forward or backward for long-term comfort


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